Multi-Sheet Paper Folding Machine Q&A

Multi-Sheet Paper Folding MachineI have a few customers a day ask me if there are any paper folding machines that are able to fold multiple sheets of paper at a time. The answer is kind of a mixed bag. There are solutions to multi-sheet paper folding. Here are a few options you may want to consider.

First of all, a standard paper folding machine cannot automatically fold multiple sheets of paper at a time. They are all designed to pull one sheet off the stack and fold it. In order for a paper folding machine to fold multiple sheets, it would need to have multiple feed trays. There are machines that can do this, which I will discuss a few paragraphs down.

Many standard paper folding machines have a bypass opening, which looks like a slot, located on the top of the machine (kind of like a paper shredder). Folding machine equipped with a bypass slot can often fold up to three sheets of paper at a time, but require the paper to be manually fed. An example of this type of folding machine is the MBM 87M folding machine found here.

Paper Folder Inserters / Inserting MachinesManually feeding three sheets of paper through the bypass slot is still much faster than folding paper by hand, but it is still not automated. For automated multi-sheet folding, you will need to use a paper folder inserter.

Paper folder inserters, designed to fold multiple sheets and insert them into an envelope, can be used for multi sheet folding. Simply turn off the inserting portion of the operation so it only folds paper.

At this time there aren’t any other options. You must use the bypass slot (if so equipment) on a standard folding machine or use a paper folder inserter equipped with multiple feed trays.

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