Oval Holes vs Round Holes in Coil Binding Machines

Round and Oval Coil Binding Hole PatternsCoil binding is one of the most well rounded binding formats that can be used to bind books, reports, manuals, textbooks, albums and much more. Coil binding machines are now available with round holes and oval holes. So which hole pattern is best for you?

Most coil binding machines (aka spiral binding) are made with round-hole punches. This format has been around for some time and is still the preferred binding format used by most manufacturers.

To date, the oval hole pattern is only used by Akiles. The oval hole pattern can be found in the “PLUS” version of Akiles coil binding machines called the CoilMac. The oval hole pattern is supposed to make it easier for pages to turn and easier to insert coils.

Akiles specifically states this regarding their “PLUS” oval hole pattern:

This revolutionary 0.248″ coil pitch is specifically designed to give you 44 evenly-centered holes in an 11″ sheet, which provides the most ideal hole to edge-of-sheet margins and easier coil insertion. Hole pattern is 100% compatible with STANDARD 4:1 pitch coils.

The oval hole pattern uses a 4:1 pitch (0.248″) pattern versus the standard round hole 4:1 Pitch (0.250″) pattern. All 4:1 pitch coils (four holes per inch) can be universally used with round or oval holes without any compatibility issues.

Ultimately the machine you decide to go with is up to you. I don’t personally have a preference between either hole pattern.

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