SircleBind CW-4500 Electric Comb and Wire Binding Machine Review

SircleBind CW-4500 Electric Comb and Wire Binding MachineAre you looking for a combination comb and wire binding machine, but aren’t sure which model to go with? One model you may want to consider is the SircleBind CW-4500 electric comb and wire binding machine (found here). This is my review.

The SircleBind line of binding machines, made by Sircle, has only been around for a few years, but they have sent ripples through the binding industry. This is because Sircle binding machines are some of the most affordable today. Not only that, they aren’t half bad looking machines either.

The SircleBind CW-4500 features an electric punch and a manual comb opener and wire closer. The fact that the CW-4500 can bind both comb and wire is pretty cool. I love both formats. This way you don’t have to buy two separate machines.

The machine itself weighs in at 45 pounds, which is pretty hefty. It is, however, still light enough to be used on most desks, work benches and counters. Overall the build quality seems to be pretty nice. It does have a plastic case, but the internal components are metal.

The electric punch on the CW-4500 can punch up to 25 sheets of paper using a 19-ring comb punch and up to 20 sheets of wire in a 3:1 pitch (three holes per inch). Because the CW-4500 has a wire closer and a comb punch, it can also be used to bind books using 19-ring wire, sometimes called wire comb or Spiral-O. The electric punch is very useful and really speeds up the punching process.

Paper punching on the CW-4500 is done vertically, where most binding machines punch paper horizontally. I really like the vertical style punch. This means the edges are almost always squared up and properly aligned, thanks to gravity.

The SircleBind CW-4500 is primarily designed to punch and bind books that are letter size. The CW-4500 includes an adjustable margin depth, which is ideal for binding books of varying thicknesses.

While the CW-4500 isn’t designed for high-volume use, it can be used for low to medium-volume use without any issues. It is great for use in an office or copy shop and the design is easy on the eyes.

I highly recommend the SircleBind CW-4500. The price is right and it is a well-rounded machine.

You can find the SircleBInd CW-4500 electric comb and wire binding machine here. You can find our entire selection of comb, wire and combination binding machines here.

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