Top Seven Best Shredded Paper Recycling Ideas

Paper Shredder RecyclingI have had several people ask me what they can do with their shredded paper. Many of them don’t want to simply throw it away. I can understand the desire to re-use the paper rather than waste it. This desire may be driven by environmental concerns or simply because people want to try something new. Here are a few suggestions that customers have passed along to me.

A lot of these suggestions will depend entirely on whether or not the paper shredded contains highly sensitive information or not. Take that into consideration.

Top Seven Best Shredded Paper Recycling Ideas

  1. Animal or Pet Bedding – Many customers have told me that they have used their shredded paper for animal bedding for bird cages, hamster cages and more. Many animal shelters will also use shredded paper. I have been told that cross-cut paper doesn’t work as well because there is too much paper dust that aggravates the animals. I have had customers buy strip cut shredders (found here) purely for the purpose of shredding paper for animal bedding.
  2. Gardening Compost – I can’t give you the exact recipe, but I have had people tell me that they use their shredded paper (since it is mostly organic anyway) in a compost pile mixed with veggies, leaves and other bio material. They swear by it. Can’t say I’ve tried this myself.
  3. Packaging Material – Much like cardboard shredders, many people like to use strip cut paper for packaging material. This may be fore the E-bay entrepreneur or for warehouse operations. Again, cross cut paper doesn’t work as well for this one.
  4. Paper Recycling – Some paper recycling plants will accept and recycle shredded paper. The problem is that many will not take the paper because it may contain metal fragments such as staples or paper clips that makes recycling next to impossible.
  5. Moisture Absorption – I have read about people putting a little shredded paper in the bottom of their kitchen trash to soak up moister, helping cut down on odors.
  6. Fire Kindling – Let’s face it. If you’re camping, paper is a great way to start up a campfire. Shredded paper lights up even faster.
  7. Floor Cleanup – I have had people that tell me they will sprinkle cross cut shredded paper on the floor to clean things up. This may be to soak up oil on a garage floor. Some people have told me that it binds well with hair, dirt and other material often found in workshops, gymnasiums, barber shops and other floor surfaces where it can then be swept up.

Hopefully these ideas help you get the most out of your shredded paper. Are you in need of a shredder? You can find our entire selection of paper shredders here.

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