U.S. Paper Counters Shooter-II Press Tabber Review

U.S. Paper Counters Shooter II Press TabberIf you work for or run a printing press, you know how important it is to tab, organize, batch count and separate print jobs. One machine you may want to consider using is an automatic tabber. One machine designed to help with in-line tab inserting is the Shooter-II press tabber (found here). This is my review.

To begin with, the Shooter-II is designed to be positioned at the delivery end of your equipment. It can deliver tabs into the delivery pile of presses, sheeters, folders and other converting equipment that uses a receding pile delivery system. It can be mounted to the equipment or be used as a stand-alone device.

The Shooter-II counts at speeds equal to the equipment being used at a speed of up to three tabs per second, which is very fast. This helps to increase profits by quickly eliminating overages and shortages with extremely accurate counting at tabbing. The Shooter-II also helps making competitive quotes easier.

So how does the actual counting and tabbing work? The Shooter-II can be set up via a micro switch or by using a universal electronic pick up. An optional Infrared reflective opto sensor can be used, which requires no connection to your equipment.

A few additional features include:

  • Total and batch counts
  • Variable tape lengths
  • Variable knife cut delays
  • Back lit LCD display

The Shooter II can also be customized to best suit your application. A few optional customizations include:

  • Multiple tabbing heads (up to three)
  • A 90-degree angle tape chute
  • A swivel bracket mount
  • Stagger tabbing
  • Additional base stands and swivel mounts
  • Custom tape chute lengths
  • Infrared reflective opto sensor

Customizations can be built into the Shooter-II in the factory. If any of these customizable options sound like something you need, you can speak with one of our specialists at 1-800-658-8788 and get a quote. Don’t see a customization that you may need? Ask us. We may still be able to build it in at the factory.

Overall the Shooter-II is a durable machine that gets the job done. It is one of the most customizable machines that I have seen and I really like how compatible it is with most machines out there. It is easy to set up and is designed to be used all day long.

You can find the U.S. Paper Counters Shooter-II Press Tabber here. You can find our entire selection of paper counters here and our tabbers here.

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