Banner American Easy-Lam Green Roll Laminator Review

Banner American Easy-Lam Green Roll LaminatorAre you looking for an energy efficient roll laminator that not only does a good job, but also uses less electricity? One model you may want to look at is the Banner American Easy-Lam Green roll laminator. This is my review.

To begin with, Banner America is known for making some of the most reliable roll and pouch laminators today. They make a wide variety of Easy-Lam roll laminators and PL series pouch laminators. The company has been around for well over a decade and has developed a great reputation.

The Easy-Lam Green is Banner American’s energy efficient model and is designed to save you money in operating cost. The Easy-Lam Green does this in two ways:

Energy Saving Features

  1. While in standby mode, the Easy-Lam Green drops the temperature down from 300 degrees to 150 degrees. Most laminators maintain the maximum temperature the entire time. It only takes seven minutes for the Easy-Lam to go from 150 back to a 300-degree operating temperature.
  2. The Easy-Lam Green is designed to shut off after one hour of inactivity. This is a very convenient feature to have on hand. Most laminators will continuously run until they are manually shut off.

Not only does the Easy-Lam green include these energy-saving measures, it is also very easy to use. It is designed to laminate posters, maps, signs, banners and much more. The Easy-Lam Green can be used in schools, print shops, copy shops, churches and more.

The Easy-Lam green is 27-inches wide, which allows it to laminate most common materials. The core size is one-inch in diameter, which is the most common size used today. It comes pre-loaded with two rolls of 1.5-mil thick film and can be used with laminating film up to 3 mils thick.

One thing I really like about the Easy-Lam Green is the built-in LCD readout. It is really easy to see exactly what the temperature is. Many other laminators feature an analog temperature gauge, which I personally find hard to precisely read.

While the Easy-Lam Green is a 110-120 volt machine, it is available in a 220-volt version up on request.

Overall I find the Easy-Lam Green to be right up there in quality when it comes to similar 3 mil laminators in its class and width. If you need something that can use 5 or 10-mil film, you will need something a little heavier duty.

You can find the Banner American Easy-Lam Green roll laminator here. You can find our entire selection of roll laminators here.

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