Dahle 561 Premium Guillotine Paper Trimmer Review

Dahle 561 Premium Guillotine Paper TrimmerAre you a copy center, a print shop or a picture framer that is in need of a quality guillotine paper trimmer? One model you may want to consider is the Dahle 561 premium guillotine paper trimmer (found here). We have one of these trimmers on our showroom floor and I have had the chance to use it on several occasions. This is my review.

Dahle has re-designed and improved a wide variety of their guillotine paper trimmers. The result includes their new line of premium guillotine paper trimmers. This includes the model 561, 564, 565, 567 and 569. These cutters are designed for high-end cutting and are designed to be used all day long. These cutters are German engineered and German made.

The first thing that really impressed me when I used the Dahle 561 was the cutting guard. It stands out. It is a corkscrew looking plastic shield that covers the blade as it cuts. The design works great and is very creative. A lot of effort has been made by the people at Dahle to make this cutter safe.

Another thing that I noticed right off the bat was the build quality. It is made out of metal. The base is metal, the cutting arm is metal and the blade is made from high-quality Solingen Steel metal. The blade is razor sharp, which became abundantly clear as I used it to cut paper. It required little effort on my part to cut paper.

The cutter itself is designed to cut paper up to 14 ½-inch long and can cut up to 35 sheets of standard 20# paper at a time. It can also be used to cut card stock, photographs, laminated documents and more. A convenient clamp keeps paper in place and keeps cuts straight.

I noticed upon handling the Dahle 561 that the cutter is remarkably easy to move around. It only weighs about 20 pounds shipped. This means you can use it on most desks, tables and other surfaces.

You may be wondering, “How do these cutters hold up compared to a Kutrimmer?” Kutrimmer paper trimmers have an excellent track record and are favorites among our customers. While I can’t make a comparison based on long-term use, I have to say that the Dahle Premium cutters are right up there with the Kutrimmer line of guillotine paper trimmers.

I thoroughly enjoyed using the Dahle 561 and have to say that I am remarkably impressed. I’m not aware of any customer issues to date and believe this line of trimmers will be considered a favorite later down the road.

You can find the Dahle 561 premium guillotine paper trimmer here. You can find our entire line of guillotine paper trimmers here.

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