Dahle 846 Stack Paper Cutter Review

Dahle 846 Professional Series Stack Paper CutterStack paper cutting is an invaluable part of the print business. Once prints are made, they typically need to be cut down to size. If you are in the market for a stack cutter, you may want to consider the Dahle 846 stack paper cutter (found here). I have had a chance to use model and this is my review.

Dahle manufacturers are wide variety of stack paper cutting machines. Their professional series of stack cutters includes the models 842, 846 and 848. All three of these stack cutters have been around for years. Dahle stack cutters are German engineered and German made.

The Dahle 846 is a 16 7/8″ wide stack cutter capable of cutting up to 500 sheets of paper at a time. You may notice, looking at the overall design, that it is very familiar to the popular line of Triumph stack cutters. This is because the angled manual arm design of the Dahle 846 is proven to be easy to use and operate. Many manufacturers use this design.

This stack cutter features a spindle driven backstop activated by a crank handle on the front of the machine. As this handle is turned clockwise or counter clockwise, the back stop moves forwards and back. This is how cutting measurements are entered into the machine. The process is simple and effective.

Both the Solingen Steel cutting blade (guillotine style) and the clamp are manually activated. Both require little effort to operate. Because of the way the cutting handle and the gears are designed, the handle requires little effort to bring down. I personally didn’t notice much difference in effort between cutting 100 versus 500 sheets.

The cutter can be placed on a counter or workbench or be attached to an optional cutting stand. I have used stack cutters on counters and stands and don’t have much preference between the two. The biggest advantage of using the optional stand is that you can easily move around the cutter.

Safety measures have been put in place to prevent injury while using the cutter. This includes covers on both sides of the blade. The clear plexiglass cover allows the operator to still be able to easily view what’s going on during the cutting process.

The build quality on the Dahle 846 is nice. It works well. Many people have asked me, however, which I would choose between a Dahle and a Triumph stack cutter. While I like the Dahle, I love the Triumph. The difference in cost may be the deciding factor though. Dahle machines are typically less expensive than the Triumph.

You can find the Dahle 846 Professional Series stack cutter here. You can find our entire selection of stack paper cutters here.

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