Electric vs Manual Wire Binding Machines

Electric and Manual Twin Loop Wire Binding MachinesSo you’ve decided you like the wire binding look. I can’t say that I blame you. Wire binding is probably one of the classiest and nicest looking binding formats available today. Now that you’ve settled on a binding style, it’s possible that you’re not quite sure which machine to get. Should you go with a manual or an electric wire binding machine? Here is some advice that may help you with your decision.

Wire binding, sometimes called double-loop or twin-loop wire binding, is extremely popular for binding books, reports and presentations. You can find wire in three different hole patterns. These patterns are 2:1 (2 holes per inch), 3:1 (3 holes per inch) and 19-ring. Machines that punch paper for wire binding come in manual and electric designs.

So should you go with the manual or the electric punch? The type of punch you get will depend on three key questions: How many books would you like to bind? What is your budget? How much effort do you want to put into book binding?

Electric Wire Binding MachinesTo answer the first question, if you will only be binding a few books per day, a manual punch will easily be able to handle and keep up with the job at hand. If you will be binding more than a few dozen books every day, you may want to look at an electric punch. Electric wire binding machines are faster when it comes to binding.

It should come as no surprise that electric punch wire binding machines are more of an investment. Budget is often a determining factor when it comes to binding equipment purchases.  If you simply cannot afford an electric punch, try to get a manual punch machine with a higher punching capacity. That will at least help increate binding output.

Electric punch wire binding machines are often a matter of convenience. Let’s be honest. Manually punching paper takes effort. If you like the idea of simply pushing a button to punch paper, an electric wire binder may be exactly what you need (especially if you’re not tide to a budget).

We offer both electric and manual wire binding machines. You can find our manual wire binding machines here. You can find our electric wire binding machines here. You can find our wire binding supplies here.  If you still have questions about wire binding machines and which model is best for you, speak with one of our binding specialists at 1-800-658-8788.

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