GBC CombBind C110 Comb Binding Machine Review

GBC CombBind C110 Comb Binding MachineWhether you need to bind a cookbook or simply need something for a presentation, comb binding is a great all-round format to use. So which comb binding machine should you buy? One model you may have already looked at is the GBC CombBind C110 comb binding machine (found here). I have used this comb binder and this is my review.

GBC, now owned by ACCO Brands, has been making office equipment for years. Their product lineup includes binding machines, staplers, paper cutters, laminators and more. Their line of comb binding machines are marketed under the name of CombBind. The C110 is one of their entry-level comb binding machines.

The GBC CombBind C110 is designed for light-volume use. It is capable of punching up to 15 sheets of paper at a time and can bind books up to 300 pages thick. This is based on 20# paper. It can be used to punch and bind card stock and other types of paper, but the punching capacity needs to be scaled back to handle the increased thickness.

One thing GBC is really good at is making their binding machines look nice. Like Fellowes, they clearly have a group of talented aesthetic designers. The C110 looks great and really fits in well in an office environment. It only weighs 19 pounds shipped, so it is light enough to be used on most desks, tables and counters.

The housing on the C110 is a formed plastic shell. The inside of the machine is metal. The build quality is decent, but I would definitely not use it for medium or high volume binding. It is really designed for only binding a few books a day or for occasional use.

For a similar dollar amount I also recommend these machines:

  1. Intelli-Bind IB650 Comb Binding Machine
  2. Akiles EcoBind-C Plastic Comb Binding Machine
  3. Intelli-Bind IB700 Manual Comb Binding Machine
  4. Tahsin 190PB Comb Binding Machine
  5. Intelli-Bind IB400 Comb Binding Machine

While I enjoy using the GBC ComBind C110, there are too many other good machines out there for me to settle on this particular machine. I would rather get a machine with selectable punching dies and an adjustable margin depth for the same amount of money.

You can find the GBC CombBind C110 comb binding machine here. You can find our entire selection of comb binding machines here.

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