GBC Pinnacle 27 EZLoad Roll Laminator Review

GBC Pinnacle 27 EZLoad Roll LaminatorAre you tired of dealing with difficult roll laminators? Is the film difficult to replace or change? One thermal roll laminator you may want to consider getting is the GBC Pinnacle 27 EZLoad roll laminator (found here). We have one of these laminators on our showroom floor and I have had a chance to use it. This is my review.

GBC has been making roll laminators for decades now and they have gotten pretty good at it. Their latest line of roll laminators is the EZLoad line of laminators, currently available in a 12″ and a 27″ version.

The Pinnacle 27 comes as a standard roll laminator and in an EZLoad version. The EZLoad roll laminator addresses concerns by schools, copy shops and businesses that dislike feeding and loading new rolls into a laminator. One of the biggest complaints being the maze of rollers and potential burns.

The Pinnacle 27 EZLoad uses a laminating film cartridge that makes film loading as easy as inserting a new ink cartridge into an inkjet printer. Simply pop out the old used rolls and insert a new roll of film. The process is simply and the end results look just as good as if using a traditional film system.

The Pinnacle 27 EZLoad uses two different types of film. This is NAP Lam I and NAP Lam II film. NAP Lam I film has a higher melt point than NAP Lam II. You can read more about these two different types of film here.

Because the Pinnacle is 27-inches wide, it can be used to laminate multiple documents simultaneously, maps, posters and other material. The 27-inch width is the most common size found in roll laminators and is the size most schools, copy shops, churches and businesses use.

GBC uses a hybrid heating system in the Pinnacle 27 that allows the laminator to warm up in only 6-9 minutes. Most other roll laminators take 15-25 minutes to warm up. This is especially nice if you need to turn the laminator on for occasional quick jobs. Once the film leaves the laminator, it can be quickly cut off thanks to a built in cutter.

The Pinnacle 27 is pretty fast too. It operates at a speed of 12-feet per minute (variable speed). There is no drop in quality with the speed. Everything I have seen laminated on the Pinnacle 27 EZLoad comes out looking crisp, clear and clean. I have yet to see any ripples or bubbles.

The control panel is very intuitive. It includes an LED readout that includes the temperature readout. The control panel also includes an integrated footage counter. An auto-shutoff turns the laminator off when not being used.

You can find the GBC Pinnacle 27 EZLoad roll laminator here. You can find our entire selection of thermal roll laminators here.

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