Laminating Pouches – Best Film Thickness To Use

Laminating Film and Pouch Laminator SheetsWhether you are laminating a photograph or business cards, you will want to get the thickness right. Using laminating film that is too thick can make something hard to use, where having laminating film that is too thin can cause a document to bend and become ruined. So what thickness of laminating film should you use? Here are few tips that may help you out.

Laminating film comes in a variety of thicknesses with the most common sizes being 1.5, 3, 5, 7 and 10 mils. A mil is one thousandth of an inch and is the common measurement of laminating film in the United States.

A 1.5 mil thick laminating pouch is actually 3 mils thick. This is because the mil thickness of a pouch is only taking into account one side of the “pocket.” This means a 5-mil pouch is actually 10 mils laminated and a 10-mil pouch is 20 mils laminated. Many people don’t realize this and discover only later that when they needed 10 mils of film on their document that they really needed a 5 mil thick pouch.

Most people use a 1.5 mil pouch purely to give a document or photo a protective coat or a glossy shine. A pouch that thin really doesn’t provide much stability. Few people use a 10-mil thick pouch because it provides so much rigidity. A 10 mil thick pouch is difficult to bend or fold, make it less desirable for brochures and menus.

As previously mentioned, a laminated 10-mil pouch is 20 mils thick. Standard 20# copy paper is about 4 mils thick. This means a standard sheet of paper, laminated with a 10-mil pouch is about 24 mils thick all said and done. A credit card (like a Visa or MC) is 30 mils thick. That should help you get an idea on the thickness involved.

The most common sizes used by our customers are 3 and 5 mil thick film. One nice thing about laminating film is that it is cheap. If you aren’t sure about the thickness you want to use, you can buy a 3 and a 5 to see what works best. A package of 100 laminating sheets usually doesn’t cost more than a few dollars.

We are also often able to mail laminating pouch samples. Just call us up at 1-800-658-8788 and ask for some film samples. We won’t charge you for this. We are also able to offer some really nice discounts for bulk purchases.

You can find our entire selection of laminating film here. You can find our entire selection of pouch laminators here.

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