Lassco W200 Number-All Numbering Machine Review

Lassco W200 Number-All Electric Numbering MachineAre you in need of an effective way to number and track documents using an electric numbering machine? One machine you may want to seriously consider is the Lassco W200 Number-All numbering machine (found here). This is my review.

Numbering machines play an important roll in tracking and verifying documents. They can also be used to stamp tickets, booklets, NCR forms and more. Many numbering machines are manually operated. Unfortunately manual numbering machines can be labor intensive and often are unable to keep up with demand.

The W200 Number-All is an electric-powered numbering machine that uses a six digit numbering head. The head on this machine can do consecutive, duplicate, triplicate, 4 times in a row, 6 times in a row, 12 times in a row and repeat numbering. This much versatility in a numbering machine is ideal for business operations. Setting up the Number-All for the type of numbering you want to do is easy.

The Number-All has a huge benefit over a manual stamp because it is able to provide optimal crash number pressure, making the stamp clear and legible. The crash number’s pressure can go through up to 4-part NCR paper. The pressure cannot be adjusted. If pressure adjustment is needed, you will want to look at the Number-Rite numbering machine.

Registration and alignment on the W200 Number-All is fairly simple. It has adjustable paper guides that allow you to set the machine up to work with your paper size. The numbering head can be adjusted a full 360 degrees and can be tilted forward or backward.

The W200 Number-All will definitely save you a lot of time over a manual numbering machine. The build quality is excellent and the machine is easy to use. It has a foot pedal that allows for hands free feeding, alignment and adjusting. The numbering head is installed with a Gothic font.

I definitely recommend this machine for medium-volume numbering needs. When you open the box, you will find the W200 Number-All machine, a bottle of ink and five inkpads.

You can find the Lassco W200 Number-All numbering machine here. You can find our entire selection of numbering machines here.

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