Martin Yale 1501X (CV7) Folding Machine Review

Martin Yale 1501X (CV7) Autofoler Paper Folding MachineIf you are an office, a copy center or a business that needs a low-budget folding machine, you have probably found that there are a lot models to choose from. One paper folding machine that has been around for some time, and you may want to consider, is the Martin Yale 1501X Autofolder paper folding machine (found here). I have used this machine for years now and this is my review.

To begin with, a lot of people get confused with regards to the model. Is it the 1501X or the CV7? Well, it goes by both models and they are the same machine. When I first started working for ABC Office (10 years ago), it was called the 1501X, then Martin Yale called it the CV7. It seems that Martin Yale is now calling it the 1501X again. It’s all a little confusing.

The 1501X is one of the original folding plate paper folding machines. It has been around for years, and has gone through a few design changes, but continues to be one of the most popular budget folding machines.

It uses a total of 2 folding plates. One is located on the front and the other is located on the back of the machine. These folding plates are adjusted to create the various folds. The 1501X can create a letter fold (c fold), an accordion fold (z fold), a single fold (double fold) and many more. Because the folding plates are manually adjusted, it is very easy to create custom folds.

The 1501X has a feed tray that is capable of holding up to 150 sheets of paper. Once the fold plates are set, and the paper has been inserted, simply hit the “go” button and let the machine do the rest. The 1501X (CV7) is a fast little folder. It is extremely compact, yet still features a lot of metal components not found in comparable models.

We have always used the 1501X on our showroom counter, but it is light enough to use on a table or desk. Moving the 1501X around isn’t too hard. I have picked it up and moved it myself without a problem. It weighs 33 pounds.

While the Martin Yale 1501X cannot be used with glossy paper, it handles standard copy paper without a problem. A feed table bypass makes it possible to manually feed and fold up to three stapled sheets of paper.

One thing the 1501X includes, that you don’t see in many folding machines, is a copper grounding cable that helps channel and ground out static electricity. This is designed to help cut down on paper jams.

While this folding machine is very simple, it is extremely easy to use and very affordable. I have used this machine for years and consider it to be ideal for low to medium-volume folding.

You can find the Martin Yale 1501X (CV7) Autofolder paper folding machine here. You can find our entire selection of paper folding machines here.

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