Martin Yale BM101 Booklet Maker Review

Martin Yale BM101 Booklet MakerBooklet makers are handy machines to have around, especially if you are a school, church or other organization that makes your own booklets in house. If you are looking for a machine, one model you may want to consider is the Martin Yale BM101 booklet maker (found here). This is my review.

To begin with, the Martin Yale BM101 fits nicely on just about any table or desk. It only weighs 39 pounds, so most desks will be able to support this weight. The entire machine is very compact. The footprint isn’t bad, measuring in at 20-inches long by 15.375-inches wide. It stands at 8.5-inches tall.

Unlike a lot of the office equipment made today, the BM101 is made in the USA. The build quality seems to be pretty nice, with many of the components being made from metal.

One thing I really like about the BM101 design is how easy it is to use. The side guides are set up for 8 ½ x 11 and 11 x 17-inch paper sizes. The guides are designed in such a way that the paper is automatically centered for stapling. It is also set up to accept European B5 and A3 paper sizes.

A total of two staples are used for the booklet making process, with a total of four different stapling positions. The staplers themselves accept standard paper staples, so there is no need to worry about tracking down supplies.

Once the paper is in place, simply pull the manual handle to staple the paper. Once the handle is returned back to its resting position, a motor will then pull the paper through and fold it. The end result looks great and the entire process takes just seconds.

The BM101 is capable of stapling and folding up to 10 sheets of 20 lb. bond paper. This ends up being 40 total pages in the booklet (front and back).

While not designed for high-volume production use, the BM101 can be easily used for low to medium volume jobs without a problem. Your only speed limitation will be the speed of the person operating the booklet maker.

Overall I really like the Martin Yale BM101 booklet maker. The build quality seems to be good and it is really easy to use.

You can find the Martin Yale BM101 booklet maker here. You can find our entire selection of booklet makers here.

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