Martin Yale CL6 6-Station Manual Collator Review

Martin Yale CL6 Six Station Manual CollatorAre you in need of a paper collator, but don’t have the funds or needs of a high-end automatic collating machine? One model you may want to consider is the Martin Yale CL6 6-Station manual collator (found here). I have used this collator and this is my review.

Collating paper manually takes time. I still have vivid memories of my teacher placing six pages of a test out on a table and asking each of us to pull one sheet off the top and staple it. If you have a workforce of 25-30 students, this goes by pretty fast, but manually collating and stapling paper takes some time.

The CL6 collator gets the job done much faster. While still manually operated, the CL6 is built to increase collating speeds by six fold. Setup and operation are very easy.

The CL6 has a total of six bins. Simply place your six separate stacks of paper in these six bins. Once loaded with paper, you can pull the collating lever on the side of the machine. This causes the CL6 to grab a sheet off the top of each pile, creating a nicely collated stack that can then be stapled.

The concept is remarkably simple, especially when you inspect the machine, yet it is a huge time saver. I like the fact that it is lightweight, portable and can be used on a desk. The price is certainly affordable, especially compared to an electric paper collator.

I do wish the CL6 were made out of metal for durability. While the build quality is nice, it is made out of plastic. I’m not the biggest fan of plastic office equipment. Aside from that, the CL6 should still hold up well.

The CL6 is not designed for use in a printing press. It is designed for light to moderate use. It is certainly more than enough for a classroom and can also be used in a church or business without any problems. Each bin holds up to 100 sheets of standard or legal-size paper.

Overall I like the Martin Yale CL6 manual collator. The price is reasonable and the time savings are invaluable.

You can find the Martin Yale CL6 6-Station manual collator here. You can find our entire selection of paper collators here.

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