Martin Yale P6200 Desktop Letter Folding Machine Review

Martin Yale P6200 Desktop Letter Folding MachineDo you send out letters on a daily basis and need to speed things up? You may want to consider getting a desktop folding machine. One model you may want to consider is the Martin Yale P6200 desktop letter folding machine (found here). This is my review.

Many businesses, and employees, have the need to letter fold documents. This may involve mailing invoices, letters, bills and much more. Many people manually fold this material. Paper that has been folded on a letter folding machine looks more professional and will save hours of time.

The P6200 is a letter folding machine designed to be placed on a desk. It only weighs nine pounds, so it can easily be moved around. It can be used to fold 1 to 3 sheets of paper at a time. Once folded, this paper can then be easily placed in an envelope.

The Martin Yale P6200 designed to create a letter fold, sometimes referred to as a C fold. This is the only type of fold that the P6200 does, however, 90+ percent of the people who fold paper only require that type of fold. Martin Yale does make another desktop letter folding machine called the P6400 (found here) that will create a letter and a single fold.

Most people that buy the P6200 realize that it is designed to create only a letter fold. If you are folding invoices, bills and letters for mailing purposes, this is the only type of fold you will ever need.

While not designed for high-volume folding, the P6200 is definitely more than adequate for most desktop letter folding jobs. The convenience and lack of paper cutters is worth the investment alone.

I have taken one of these folding machines out of the box, set it up and used it. It is very easy to use, requires no setup and gets the job done quickly. The results look professional and are perfect for placing in envelopes. I can definitely appreciate the benefits of using the P6200 over manually folding paper.

You can find the Martin Yale P6200 desktop letter folding machine here. You can find our entire selection of paper folding machines here.

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