MBM 207M Paper Folding Machine Review

MBM 207M Paper Folding MachineIf you are a business, a copy center or an organization that folds paper on a daily basis, you should really be using a paper folding machine. If you don’t have one, or are in the process of looking, you should take a close look at the MBM 207M paper folding machine. We have one of these on our showroom floor and I have been able to use it on several occasions. This is my review.

MBM, as a manufacturer, is synonymous with high quality. Their product line, ranging from paper shredders to paper cutters, are extremely reliable. Their folding machines follow with this tradition.

The 207M is MBM’s mid to high-volume folding machine. It is the successor to the extremely popular 206M. It is hard to believe that this folding machine is a manual setup. I can set up a fold on this machine faster than most can do on an automatic folding machine.

The folding plates (total of 2) have to be manually set. Unlike many comparable folding machines, this takes just seconds. Each folding plate has sliding adjustment. Simply pinch the adjustment bracket and slide the plate to the fold you want. It’s that simple. Fold types are clearly labeled on the folding plates.

While this is a manual setup folding machine, the 207M incorporates several computerized functions. Such functions include a clear LED counter (4 digit) and the capability to do batch folding. It is both UL and C UL approved.

The 207M features all-metal construction. You can tell that this machine is heavy duty when you try to move it. Weighing in at 72 pounds shipped, this machine is solid. It can still be used on most desks and tables.

Able to handle paper from 12# to 80# thick, the 207M can be used to create common folds such as a letter fold (C Fold), an accordion fold (Z Fold) and a single fold. It can also be used to create cross folds, including the French fold. The folding plates can be set up to create custom folds as well.

The exit tray uses a conveyor to keep paper properly lined up. This is a huge plus if you are folding invoices, bills and other material that needs to be kept in numerical or alphabetical order.

Overall, I have to say that the MBM 207M paper folding machine ranks up in my top 5 favorite paper folding machines. It really is that good.

You can find the MBM 207M paper folding machine here. You can find our entire selection of paper folding machines here.

Keith Barlow

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