Pyramid 3500 Employee Time Clock Review

Pyramid 3500 Punch-Card Employee Time Clock (PTI)Are you looking for a simple and easy-to-use employee time clock for a small business or office? One model that you may want to consider using is the Pyramid 3500 punch card employee time clock (found here). This is my review.

Pyramid is one of the best-known time clock manufacturers, right up there with Acroprint. The complete name of the company is Pyramid Technologies (PTI). They make biometric, digital keypad and punch-style time clocks. The Pyramid 3500 is one of their cheaper punch-style time clocks.

The Pyramid 3500 can be used to stamp the time on a time card or on a document. It stamps the year, the date, the time and can be used to stamp 14 different messages. This makes it ideal for employee time and for document control purposes.

The 14 selectable messages include:

date/time,                     date/year/time,
date/year/approved,       date/year/faxed,
date/year/filed,              date/year/in,
date/year/out,               date/year/paid,
date/year/received,        date/year/sent,
date/year/original,          date/year/void,
date/year/used,             date/year/completed

Setup on the Pyramid 3500 is very simple and isn’t much more complicated than setting up an alarm clock. The easy-to-use interface only takes about two minutes to set up. The LCD display is large, easy to read and easy to navigate. It can be set up and used in English, Spanish, French or German.

An auto-punch feature stamps cards and documents as they are fed into the machine. The printing is done via a built-in dot matrix print head. This print head is designed to be used daily and should easily hold up for years without issues. The dot matrix print head makes stamped data easy to read. It can be used with standard time cards or with Pyramid brand cards.

The Pyramid 3500 is designed to handle short months, leap years and daylight savings time. It even includes a battery backup that keeps settings stored for up to 30 days. This is pretty nice. Believe it or not, many punch-style time clocks do not have this feature.

Overall I consider the Pyramid 3500 to be a solid little time clock. It is perfect for use in small businesses and small offices.

You can find the Pyramid 3500 punch card employee time clock here. You can find our entire selection of employee time clocks here.

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