Top 10 Best High Security Paper Shredders

Destroyit Level 6 High Security Paper ShredderDo you need to shred and destroy extremely sensitive, confidential and perhaps even top-secret data? The best way to do that is by using a high security paper shredder. There are literally hundreds of models available. So which one should you go with? I have compiled a list of the most popular and highest-rated high security paper shredders according to our customers.

This list includes a variety of paper shredders from HSM, Destroyit, Formax, Dahle and others. These are all Level 6 and Level 5 paper shredders. Level 6 is the highest security level available today, however, level 5 can also be used for most high-security shredding needs. Most of these shredders are NSA/CSS approved. Here is my list.

Top 10 Best High Security Paper Shredders

  1. Dahle 30434 Level 6 High Security Office Shredder
  2. Dahle 20394 Level 6 High-Security Paper Shredder
  3. Formax FD 8400HS High Security Paper Shredder
  4. HSM OMDD CD / DVD and Paper Shredder
  5. Dahle 20434DS Level 6 Cross Cut Paper Shredder
  6. Destroyit Paper Shredder Model 4005 SMC
  7. HSM 225.2hs High Security Paper Shredder
  8. HSM 125.2hs High Security Paper Shredder
  9. Kobra 240 HS and 260 HS Paper Shredders
  10. Destroyit 2604 SMC High Security Paper Shredder

Be aware that the shredder you ultimately get will depend entirely on how many people will be using it, how many sheets you need to shred and where it will be used. If you have questions regarding high security paper shredders, please speak with one of our specialists at 1-800-658-8788. You can find our entire selection of high security paper shredders here.

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