What Is A Self-Sharpening Blade? (As Found On Paper Cutters)

Paper Cutter Self Sharpening BladeI had a customer recently ask me what a self-sharpening blade was and how it worked. The idea is that a cutting blade (found on paper cutters) will sharpen itself every time it is used, thus extending the life of the blade. Here is how a self-sharpening blade works.

Self-sharpening blades are typically found in rotary paper cutters. The base of the paper cutter, on the cutting edge, has a strip of metal along the entire length of the cutter. As the cutting blade is used to cut paper, it also rubs against this metal strip, causing the blade to sharpen. The concept is very similar to a knife and grinding stone.

Does a self-sharpening blade really work? That is up for debate. I have had some people tell me they work like a charm and that they’re are able to get years of cutting use out of a blade, but I’ve also had other people tell me it is a marketing gimmick. I tend to believe there is a little of both involved.

I don’t believe a self-sharpening cutting blade will never dull, but I also believe the self-sharpening design helps remove nicks and chips from the cutting wheel, thus prolonging the life of the blade. I also believe  self-sharpening technology helps keep the blade sharper for a longer period of time versus not having it at all.

As previously mentioned, self-sharpening technology is found in many rotary paper trimmers. You can find our entire selection of rotary paper trimmers here.

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