What Is An Auto Feed Paper Shredder?

Formax FD 8500AF AutoFeed Paper ShredderYou may have seen the term”Auto Feed” or “Automatic Feed” branded across a paper shredder box and wondered what that meant. The auto feed feature is becoming more and more common. Here is a brief explanation on exactly what an auto feed paper shredder is.

Auto feed is the ability of a paper shredder to automatically feed itself paper. There are cut-sheet and continuous form auto feed shredders available today.

Cut sheet auto feed (automatic feed) shredders have a tray, much like a printer, where you can place a stack of paper. The shredder will then pull one sheet in at a time and shred it. This isn’t the fastest way to shred paper, but it also requires little manual involvement.

Intimus 452 Automatic Paper ShredderSimply place your stack of paper on the shredder and let it do the rest. This way you aren’t standing by the shredder feeding 10-20 sheets in at a time. The Formax FD 8500AF is a great example of a cut sheet auto feed shredder.

Continuous form auto feed shredders are designed to shred continuous form paper. This is the computer form paper that has the perforated sides with the tiny holes. The paper usually comes in a stack, formed in an accordion-like fashion.

These shredders are similar to the cut sheet auto feed shredders. Simply place your stack of paper next to the shredder, feed the first sheet and let the shredder do the rest. The Intimus 452 shredder series is an example of a continuous-form automatic feed shredder.

This type of shredder is designed for convenience. It is easy on the shredder and saves you time. Many of the higher-end auto feed shredders, like models from Intimus and Formax, offer the option to manually feed several sheets or set it up for auto feed operation.

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