Best Hydraulic Paper Cutters

Commercial Hydraulic Stack Paper CuttersAre you looking for a high-end stack cutter that can slice through reams of paper in just seconds? You may need what’s known as a hydraulic paper cutter. These cutters are designed for the toughest jobs and can get done in seconds what takes other paper cutters minutes to hours. This post includes a list of our most notable hydraulic paper cutters.

Hydraulic stack cutters are used for continuous, daily cutting operations. They are commonly used in the printing business for cutting down jobs. They can also be used for custom cutting card stock, laminated documents and more.

Best Hydraulic Paper Cutters

  1. Triumph 5222 Hydraulic Paper Cutter
  2. Duplo 660P Hydraulic Stack Paper Cutter
  3. Triumph 5550-EP Hydraulic Paper Cutter
  4. Triumph 721-LT Hydraulic Paper Cutter
  5. Duplo 490/490P Hydraulic Stack Paper Cutter
  6. Triumph 5551-EP Hydraulic Paper Cutter

As you can see, Triumph and Duplo make some of the most popular and most highly recommended stack paper cutters. You can find our entire selection of stack paper cutters here. Do you have questions about installation, setup and training or perhaps questions about an individual hydraulic paper cutter? Call one of our experts at 1-800-658-8788.

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