Dahle 565 Premium Guillotine Paper Trimmer Review

Dahle 565 Premium Guillotine Paper TrimmerAre you in need of a guillotine paper trimmer that is not only affordable, but accurate? One model that I would recommend looking at is the Dahle 565 premium guillotine paper trimmer (found here). This trimmer is growing in popularity and may be a good option for you. I have used this trimmer and this is my review.

Dahle’s premium line of guillotine paper trimmers come in a variety of sizes, ranging from 14 to 27-inches long. These trimmers are German engineered and German made. The Dahle 565 is a 15 ½-inch trimmer.

One of the most unique features of the Dahle 565 is the safety system that has been put in place. Unlike Kutrimmer guillotines that use a plexiglass safety shield, the Dahle 565 uses a corkscrew shaped guard that keeps the blade covered in all the right places during the cutting process. It is very interesting to see in action. To me it seems extremely innovative and effective.

The German Solingen steel blade is razor sharp. Not only does it come from the factory sharp, a self-sharpening system helps keep the blade sharpened during each cut. The lade is remarkably easy to pull and cutting through paper is effortless. The Dahle 565 can cut up to 35 sheets of paper in a single pass. A clamping mechanism keeps paper firmly in place.

The base of the cutter is made from metal. This gives the Dahle 565 a heavy-duty feel. The base has a grid printed on it for common cuts and a measuring ruler can be found along the edges of the cutter. An adjustable guide makes it easy to line up paper, photos and other material for continuous cutting.

The Dahle 565 measures in at 18 3/4″ x 14″ and weighs in at 23 pounds shipped. This means the Dahle 565 is extremely easy to pick up and move around. You can use it on just about any desk, table or workstation. This is pretty nice.

The cutter itself has a really nice build quality. Most of the cutter is made from metal. It should easily last for years. While the blade should easily last for a long time, replacement blades are available.

In wasn’t too impressed with old Dahle guillotine trimmers of the past, but this new design seems to really incorporate everything you need in a guillotine trimmer. I would even consider it to be right up there with Kutrimmer guillotines.

You can find the Dahle 565 premium guillotine paper trimmer here. You can find our entire selection of Dahle paper cutters here. You can find our entire selection of guillotine paper trimmers here.

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