Formax FD 1500 AutoSeal Pressure Sealer Review

Formax FD 1500 AutoSeal Pressure SealerDo you need to fold and seal invoices, bills, w-2s and other information for mailing purposes? It sounds like what you need is a pressure seal. If this is the case, one model you may want to consider using is the Formax FD 1500 AutoSeal pressure sealer (found here). I have used one of these and this is my review.

To begin with, pressure sealers are wonderful machines to have on hand for mailing purposes. They use special cut sheet paper with pressure-activated pockets of glue. You can use this paper in just about any inkjet or laser printer. Once the invoice, bill, direct mail or other piece is printed, simply run it through the pressure sealer. The sealer will then letter-fold the document, sealing it along the edges.

How does this work? The pressure-activated glue, found along the edges of the paper, bursts open when run through the pressure sealer. This creates an “instant” seal for mailing. The edges of the paper are perforated in such a way that the sealed document is simple for the recipient to open up.

This is exactly what the FD 1500 AutoSeal does. The FD 1500 AutoSeal is designed to fold and seal up to 20,000 pieces of mail per month at a speed of about 85 pieces per minute. This isn’t bad. This particular model is considered to be a low volume pressure sealer. This involves using pressure seal paper up to 8 ½” x 14″ long.

While 20,000 pieces may not seem low volume to you, there are higher end pressure sealers capable of folding and sealing hundreds of thousands of documents per month. One of the biggest benefits of the FD 1500 AutoSeal is that it is affordable.

What are some of the most mailers sealed with the Formax FD 15000? Here is a list:

  • Invoices
  • Appointment Notices
  • Payroll/Checks
  • Grade Reports
  • Utility Bills
  • W-2s
  • Direct Mail
  • PIN Mailers
  • Rebates

The Formax FD 1500 AutoSeal uses a three-roller system to pull paper through the machine. Why is this nice? This is because the three rollers evenly pull paper into the machine. This helps keep the registry dead on and prevents jams. The hoper holds up to 150 sheets of paper.

I have personally used this folder sealer. I helped unbox it and set it up. My very first impression as I lifted it out of the box was, “this thing’s heavy!” This is because the machine is pretty much all metal. It weighs in at 90 pounds shipped. This is a plus. The build quality is excellent. I opened the machine up and can tell you it is solid. This is almost always the case with Formax machines.

Do I recommend this? You bet. This is a great option for low-volume folding and sealing operations. This pressure sealer is fun to use and Formax (as a company) is great to work with.

You can find the Formax FD 1500 AutoSeal pressure sealer here. You can find our entire selection of pressure sealers here. These machines may seem a little complex at first glance, so please feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 with any questions. Have a great day!

Keith Barlow

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