GBC VeloBind System One Binding Machine Review

GBC VeloBind System One Binding MachineWhether you are looking for an attractive binding format or needs something that will hold up well over time, you may want to look at the GBC VeloBind System One binding machine (found here). This machine has been around for some time and I have had many opportunities to use it. This is my review.

To begin with, GBC (General Binding Company) created the technology that is now known as VeloBind. Binding machines that handle this type of binding come in one, two and three-inch designs. VeloBind has also been marketed as QuickBind and SureBind.

Unlike many other binding formats out there, VeloBind only punches 11 holes along the 11-inch side of a sheet of paper. While only using 11 holes, VeloBind is still considered to be one of the most solid and long lasting binds available today.

The VeloBind System One is designed to punch and bind books up to 1″ thick. The punch itself is manually operated and the binding process is done by the machine using a “hot knife” system. This means it cuts off the excess prongs (total of 11) and seals them off with heat. This is what actually attaches the back binding strip to the front. The entire process takes about 10 seconds.

The System One can punch about 1/8-inch of material at a time. This can be paper, card stock, clear covers and other report cover. The punch isn’t hard to use. Due to the “U” shape of the handle, it is easy to grab and use from just about any angle.

The System One is especially popular for use with law firms, construction companies and others that need a solid bind. As previously mentioned, the System One can bind 1″ of material. This equals out to be about 250 sheets of standard copy paper. The bind is not just solid, but it is also tamper proof.

The biggest disadvantage of VeloBind is that books bound with this format cannot lay flat. This is because the spine of the book does not pivot on a binding element, as is the case with wire, comb and coil. The end of the book is literally clamped together with the binding strip. I don’t have any problem reading VeloBound books, they just can’t be laid flat on a table.

While I’m not the biggest fan of GBC binding machines (comb / wire), I do really like their VeloBind line of binding machines. I think the end result is classy and the VeloBind System One is a well-built machine.

You can find the GBC VeloBind System One binding machine here. You can find our entire selection of VeloBind machines here. While I don’t have a video demo available of the System One at this time, I do have one of the VeloBind System Three that you can find here. While the machines are a little different, the process is very similar.

Feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 with any questions regarding VeloBind machines.

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