How To Choose An Employee Time Clock

Employee Time ClocksTime clocks are a critical part of most business operations. Let’s face it, employees don’t work for free and businesses can’t hand out money left and right. There needs to be order to the way a business runs or things would fall apart. A great way to keep track of and manage employee time is by using a time clock. So which type of time clock should you use?

Finding the right time clock is important. You don’t want something so cheap it will fall apart in a few months, yet you probably don’t want a time clock that requires a rocket engineer to set up. Here are a few questions you will want to ask yourself prior to purchasing a time clock.

How big is your business? The size of your business will be critical when determining the appropriate time clock. Many time clocks are designed for small businesses with 10 to 30 employees. If your business has more than a few dozen employees, make sure your time clock can support this. Most time clocks will specify how many employees they are designed to handle.

A general rule of thumb is that a “punch-style” time clock is best for small to medium-size businesses. Digital time clocks are best for small to large-size businesses.

How do you keep track of  payroll? Do you keep track of your employee payroll on paper, using a spreadsheet (like Excel) or do you use payroll management software like Quickbooks?

Digital Time ClockPunch-style time clocks will ultimately require some sort of data entry later down the road. Digital and software-based time clocks will typically accumulate and manage employee time automatically and many digital / software time clocks can export data for use in spreadsheets or payroll management programs.

Do you expect your business to grow? Don’t shortchange yourself by getting a time clock that will be insufficient a few years down the road. Invest in something now that will work for the next 5+ years.

Where will the time clock be stationed? Some time clocks are designed to be used on a table, where others are designed to be mounted on a wall. Some can be used on a table or be mounted to the wall.

If you are using a digital time clock that requires a computer, be sure the time clock is close enough to the computer so that the USB or network cables can reach.

Is employee fraud a concern? Unfortunately some businesses have to deal with dishonest employees. The most common type of time clock fraud is known as buddy punching. This happens when someone punches in and out of work on behalf of a different person. If this is an issue, a biometric time clock will stop this dead in its tracks. Biometric time clocks require that the employee be present to punch in or out of work.

These are just a few of the most common questions you will want to ask yourself. Chances are pretty good that you have even more detailed questions about your specific business needs. If this is the case, feel free to speak with one of our time clock specialists at 1-800-658-8788. You can find our entire selection of employee time clocks here.

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