Intimus 0077SL High Security Level 6 Paper Shredder Review

Intimus 0077SL High Security Level 6 Paper ShredderAre you looking for a solid and reliable high security paper shredder? One model, arguably considered to be one of the best around, is the Intimus 0077SL High Security Level 6 Paper Shredder (found here). This is my review.

To begin with, the Intimus line of paper shredders has been around for decades. In fact, Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North used the Schleicher Intimus 007-S shredder to shred documents during the Iran-Contra scandal. Simply put, Intimus shredders are very popular with the government. The Intimus 0077SL carries on this tradition.

The Intimus 0077SL is frequently asked for by name. This is due in part to the reputable history Intimus has as a brand and because the 0077SL is one of the most secure paper shredders available. It is NSA / CSS approved for shredding and Destroyit top secret and highly sensitive documents.

Here are a few things you may be interested to know about the 0077SL. To begin with, it is rated as a security level 6 shredder. Level 6 is currently the highest security rating to be placed on a shredder. The particles that come out of the 0077SL are 0.64 mm x 2 mm in size (0.025″ x 0.0788″). Break out a ruler and measure that. That is extremely tiny and is impossible to reassemble.

Not only does the 0077SL shred paper into tiny particles, it can shred up to 14 sheets of standard copy paper at a time. For a level 6 shredder, 14 sheets is considered a lot of paper. High security shredders have tiny cutting blades that have to cut a lot of surface are at one time, decreasing the amount of sheets that can be shredded at a time.

A big benefit of the 0077SL is the shred bin. This shredder has a 45-gallon shred bin. That is a lot of paper, and considering how tiny the particles are, this shredder does not need to be emptied often.

The 16” wide opening on the 0077SL can handle most sheets of paper. This may range from an envelope up to a legal-size document. With a wide opening, there is less chance of a jam occurring.

The Intimus 0077SL is ideal for use in departments, offices and organizations that need high-security shredding capabilities throughout the day. There is no need to wait for the 0077SL to cool down. It can be used continuously without any issues.

I give the Intimus 0077SL high marks. Not only is it popular with our customers, it has proven itself over the years to be reliable.

You can find the Intimus 0077SL High Security Level 6 Paper Shredder here. You can find our entire selection of high security paper shredders here. Still have questions? Call one of our paper shredding experts at 1-800-658-8788.

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