MBM Kutrimmer 1058 Guillotine Paper Trimmer Review

MBM Kutrimmer 1058 Guillotine Paper TrimmerGuillotine paper trimmers are not only accurate for trimming photographs, but can also be used to cut several sheets of paper at a time. If you are in the market for a well-rounded trimmer, you should take a close look at the MBM Kutrimmer 1058 guillotine paper trimmer (found here). This is my review.

MBM Kutrimmer (by Ideal) manufacturers a wide variety of guillotine paper trimmers. These trimmers all share a certain level of design, with the biggest differences being the length of the blade and the amount of paper the trimmer can cut. Kutrimmer is considered to be one of the best guillotine trimmer manufacturers out there.

The Kutrimmer 1058 guillotine paper trimmer is a customer favorite for many reasons. To begin with, it has a long 23″ cutting length and the ability to cut up to 40 sheets of standard paper at a time. This means the 1058 can cut most common sizes of paper and can trim a variety of photo sizes.

I have handled this cutter and the build quality is amazing. You just don’t see many pieces of equipment made from solid metal components. The base is metal, the cutting arm is metal and even the clamping mechanism is metal. Other than the blade needing sharpening every so often, there isn’t much on this cutter that should break or wear out.

The wood-base guillotine trimmers of 20 years ago were pretty unsafe to use. The blade was completely exposed and you definitely didn’t want children near it. The 1058 has several safety features build in, keeping the blade protected during the cutting process. While I still wouldn’t recommend letting children use this cutter, it is definitely built to prevent injuries.

Another problem with older guillotine trimmers was the accuracy of the cut (or the lack thereof). The Kutrimmer 1058 has a handy clamping mechanism that keeps paper in place during the cutting process. The clamp, along with a razor-sharp Solingen steel blade, keeps the cuts straight and accurate every time.

An adjustable front gauge and back gauge make measuring cuts easy. The back gauge is adjusted by sliding a guide, where the front gauge is adjusted by turning a knob found on the front of the machine. The front gauge even includes a paper support, making it easy to cut lightweight paper.

Overall I give this guillotine trimmer extremely high marks. For the length and cutting capacity, you’ll be hard pressed to find anything that even compares.

You can find the MBM Kutrimmer 1058 guillotine paper trimmer here. You can find our entire selection of guillotine paper trimmers here.

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