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Shrink Wrap Heat Tunnels vs Heat Guns

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Shrink Wrap Heat TunnelWhen it comes to packaging products with shrink wrap, there are two different ways to finish the process. One is by use of a heat gun and the other is by use of a heat tunnel. Both will get the job done. So which system should you use? I’ll explain the differences here.

The biggest and probably most fundamental difference between a heat gun and a heat tunnel is speed. A heat tunnel is significantly faster than a heat gun. Here is a brief description of the two different designs:

  • Heat Tunnels – Heat tunnels typically use some sort of conveyor system that transports the product. The tunnel is heated and blows hot air around the product, causing the shrink film to contract thus completing the packaging process. Heat tunnels are not only known for their speed, but also for their ability to evenly shrink film. Heat tunnels are often located to the side of a shrink wrap machine. Many machines now include a built-in heat tunnel. This process usually takes just seconds.
  • Heat Guns – Heat guns are essentially glorified hair driers, however, much hotter. They are manually held and manually operated. The operator typically blows hot air on one side of the product, flips it, and then shrinks the film on the other side. This process can take anywhere from 10-60 seconds, depending on the size of the product and the experience of the operator.

Apart from speed, price is also a differentiating factor. Heat tunnels are more of an investment where heat guns are a fraction the cost.

You really need to analyze how many products you need to package per day and where you expect your production volume to be years down the road prior to making a purchase. Heat tunnels can be used to package hundreds to thousands of products a day where heat guns are typically used for a few dozen to hundreds per day.

Both heat tunnels and heat guns will probably last you for years, so be sure your decision today doesn’t adversely affect your job later down the road.

You can find our entire selection of shrink wrap heat tunnels here and our heat guns here.

Applied Magnetics KD-100 Key Tape Disintegrator / Shredder Review

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Applied Magnetics KD-100 Key Tape Disintegrator & ShredderDo you work for the government, a university or an organization that deals with key tape (punched tape) on a daily basis? Believe it or not, that data can create a security issue if it is not properly disposed of. One machine you can use to destroy key tape is the Applied Magnetics KD-100 Key Tape Disintegrator (found here). This is my review.

I can still remember when we added this machine to our site. I thought to myself, “people still use key tape?” It ends up the U.S. government, embassies, military and other still use key tape. In case you’re not familiar with key tape (aka punch tape), it is a thin roll of paper filled with tiny punched holes. These holes contain data that can be read and written by certain machines.

Applied Magnetics makes a wide variety of high-end equipment designed for specialized data destruction. This includes CD grinders, key tape disintegrators, hard drive degaussers and much more. The company has been in business since 1973.

The KD-100 key tape disintegrator has an opening just wide enough for key tape. Once fed in, the machine shreds and disintegrates the key tape into dust. It automatically feeds the tape in, requiring little manual effort. It literally looks like flour when it comes out of the machine. This renders the key tape useless. The KD-100 is NSA/CSS 04-01 approved.

The KD-100 weighs in at 40 pounds shipped. This makes the KD-100 easy to move around. The top of the machine rests on a hinge, making internal components easy to service and clean.

A vacuum system helps keep dust down to a minimum and makes it easy to gather and dispose of disintegrated paper. A six-gallon bin holds the shredded dust. Six-gallons, when considering the compact nature of the disintegrated dust, holds a lot of key tape.

If you’re familiar with Applied Magnetics products, you’ll know that they make some of the highest quality data destruction equipment available today. The KD-100 is no exception. This machine is designed for continues, reliable use.

If you need a specialized key tape shredder, this machine is definitely what you need. You can find the Applied Magnetics KD-100 Key Tape Disintegrator here. You can find our entire line of Applied Magnetics products here.

Destroyit 4005 SMC High Security Paper Shredder Review

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

Destroyit 4005 SMC NSA / CSS High Security Level 6 Paper ShredderAre you with the government, Department of Defense or military and need an NSA/CSS EPL-02-01-AA approved paper shredder with the ability to shred top secret documents? One model you should seriously consider is the Destroyit 4005 SMC high security paper shredder (found here). This is my review.

Destroyit has been a favorite shredder of the U.S. government for years. This is due in part to their compliance to regulations and their dependability. Destroyit makes a wide variety of high security paper shredders as well that are NSA/CSS EPL-02-01-AA approved. These shredders are frequently used by the DOD, military and other U.S. government organizations.

The Destroyit 4005 SMC , also known as the 4014-2 SMC, is a level 6 paper shredder. This means it is designed for shredding confidential and top secret information. The acronym SMC stands for super micro cut. Paper cut by the 4005 SMC gets turned into particles that measure in at 0.8 x 5mm (1/32″ x 3/16″). That is extremely small.

It is capable of shredding up 12-16 sheets of paper at a time. Considering the small particle cut, this is considered a high shredding capacity. The 59 gallon bin holds a lot of paper and means fewer bag changes. The cabinet is made from durable wood and sits on casters, making it easy to move the 4005 SMC from one room to another.

Maintenance on the 4005 SMC is simple. Because it has a built-in automatic oiler, the 4005 SMC is able to run at peak performance throughout the day. The oiler is a great feature and means this shredder can run continuously throughout the day without any special attention. A powerful single-phase motor assists continuous operation.

The 16-inch wide feed opening is able to shred most paper sizes and is wide enough to prevent annoying paper jams. The electronic capacity control (ECC) helps to cut down on paper jams as well by indicating the sheet capacity level during the shredding process.

Overall I give the Destroyit 4005 SMC high marks. The build quality is excellent, it is extremely easy to use and it is reliable. You can’t ask for much more in a high security paper shredder.

You can find the Destroyit 4005 SMC high security paper shredder here. You can find our entire selection of high security paper shredders here. Do you still have questions about high security shredders? Call one of our shredding experts at 1-800-658-8788.

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