Paper Folding Machine Troubleshooting Tips

Paper Folding Machines from ABC OfficeThere are few things more frustrating than trying to fold paper and constantly running into issues. I have used dozens of different models of paper folding machines and if there’s one thing I have learned, it’s that every machine has it’s own little quirks that you have to figure out to get everything to run smoothly.

Here are some of the most common issues I have faced using paper folding machines. I am going to touch base on some of the most common issues. Hopefully this will help you.

Machine Pulling Through Too Many Sheets

  1. This is often a result of the retarder wheel (if so equipped) being too loose. This allows too many sheets of paper to be pulled in at a time.
  2. A paper jogger may help with this issue by helping break up paper, preventing sheets from sticking together.
  3. On some paper folding machines, you may also need to fan the paper prior to placing it in the machine.

Folding Machine Won’t Pull In Any Paper

  1. This can be a result of glossy or coated paper with a friction-feed folding machine. The friction rollers simply cannot grab glossy paper properly.
  2. The rollers may be coated with dust or leftover ink. You may need to clean the rollers using roller clear (found here).
  3. Try fanning the paper. Some folding machines require paper to be folded prior to being placed in the machine.

Folds Are Crooked

  1. It’s possible that you may not have your paper tray guides properly adjusted. If the friction wheel isn’t centered, it may be pulling the paper in crooked. This often causes crooked folds.
  2. This may be a result of a badly set skew. Many folding machines have a skew wheel that can be adjusted, resulting in more precise folds.

Folds Aren’t Accurate

  1. Are you using an automatic paper folding machine? If so, turn of the paper folder and let the folding trays reset to their neutral position. Sometimes automatic folding machines get thrown out of whack and simply need to be reset.
  2. Are you using a manual paper folding machine? You may simply need to make some fine-tuned adjustments to the folding plates.
  3. You may be using paper that is too thick or paper that is glossy (in a friction-feed machine). Folding paper that is too thick causes all sorts of issues and glossy paper causes many issues with friction-feed machines.

If you are still experiencing problems, or think you may have a broken paper folding machine, you should call our Service Department. They are well-trained and very skillful at fixing paper folding machines. You can reach them by filling out this form.

You can find our entire selection of paper folding machines here.

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