Renz Combinette Comb Binding Machine Review

Renz Combinette Comb Binding MachineAre you looking for a time-tested comb binding machine that has a good reputation and works well? One machine that you may want to take a close look at is the Renz Combinette comb binding machine (found here). I have had several opportunities to use this machine and this is my review.

Renz has been making binding machines for years. In fact, they were around and well established when I started working for ABC Office about 10 years ago. Renz is probably best known for their wire binding machines, but they also make a wide variety of comb binding machines as well.

The Combinette Renz’s least expensive comb binding machine. This shouldn’t fool you into thinking it’s cheap or poorly made. Renze is known for making some of the best comb binding machine around and the Combinette is no exception.

Originally designed for the European market, the Combinette works great with standard 8 ½ x 11-inch sheets of paper. Both the punch and the comb opener are manually operated. The punch itself can punch through up to 25 sheets of paper and it can be used to bind a book as thick as 2-inches.

The machine itself is metal. The case is metal, the levers / gears are metal and of course the punching pins are metal. The Combinette doesn’t feature any selectable dies, but aligning the holes isn’t too difficult. Once set up, the binding process itself runs smoothly.

One thing I personally like about the Combinette, other than the excellent build quality, is the length of the punching handle and comb opener. Because these handles are so long, they are very easy to operate. Punching 25 sheets of paper with this machine is easy. The leverage is perfect.

While the manufacturer says you can use this machine to bind up to 250 books per hour, I personally doubt this is possible unless you are binding only a few sheets of paper at a time. Don’t get me wrong, this is a great machine, but I don’t recommend it for more than medium-volume binding. High-volume binding, with a manual punch, is often too labor intensive.

Overall I really like the Combinette. I have personally used it to bind books and the process is very easy. In fact you can see a Combinette video demo here. While a little more of an investment up front, it is definitely well built and should easily last you for years.

You can find the Combinette comb binding machine here. You can find our entire selection of Renz binding machines here.

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