Tamerica (Tahsin) SM330 Pouch Laminator Review

Tamerica / Tahsin SM330 Pouch LaminatorPouch laminators are perfect for laminating cards, photographs, signs and more. If you are in the market for an affordable pouch laminator that can handle material up to 13″ wide, the Tamerica SM330 pouch laminator (found here) may be the machine for you. This is my review.

Tamerica is a well-known manufacturer of both pouch and roll laminators. Designs and models range in size and output volume. Tamerica laminators continue to be a huge hit with our customers. This includes the Tamerica SM330.

The Tamerica SM330, also known as the Tahsin TCC-SM330, is a 13″ wide pouch laminator. At this width, the SM330 can easily handle letter-size documents without a problem. This width also allows you to laminate larger 11″ x 18″ documents such as signs or menus.

Setting this laminator up is pretty simply. It has a power button that turns on the heating element and a separate dial to adjust the heat. There is a tilt switch that allows the motor to be put in a forward or reverse speed. A light lets you know when the laminator has reached desired temperature settings and are ready to go.

I personally love the reverse switch and think all pouch laminators should have a feature like this. Why is that? No matter how experienced you are with a pouch laminator, misfeeds are bound to occur. A reverse switch allows you to back the pouch out and re-position it, which dramatically cuts down on jams.

The motor seems to run pretty quiet, which can be a huge plus if you are using the laminator in an office environment.

The heated rollers really help contribute towards an even and smooth finish. The Tamerica SM330 is capable using laminating film from 3 to 10 mils thick. This means it can handle pretty much any film out there.

Overall I really like the Tamerica SM330. It is compact enough to be used on a desk and affordable enough to be used at home. This laminator is best used for low to medium-volume jobs.

You can find the Tamerica SM330 pouch laminator here. You can find our entire selection of pouch laminators here.

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