Wooden Fire Extinguisher Cabinets & Fire Codes

Wooden Oak Fire Extinguisher CabinetsA customer recently asked me a question about whether or not wooden fire extinguisher cabinets complied with fire code. Initially I didn’t know. I assumed that they did comply with fire codes or they wouldn’t be made in the first place, but I wanted to check to be certain. This is what I discovered.

After speaking with Wooden Mallet, a prominent manufacturer of wooden oak fire extinguisher cabinets, I discovered that there are no fire codes preventing the use of wooden fire extinguisher cabinets.

I was informed, however, that cities can impose their own building and fire codes. It is recommended to check with the local fire marshal if there are any concerns.

Also take into consideration as to where the fire extinguisher cabinet will be mounted. Wooden fire extinguishers are mounted to a wall and do protrude. Some locations, such as halls, require that fire extinguisher cabinets be recessed into the wall regardless of whether they are wood or metal.

To date I have never had a customer complain about one of our wooden fire extinguisher cabinets or an issues with codes. You should be in the clear when it comes to using wooden fire extinguisher cabinets.

You can find our entire selection of wooden fire extinguisher cabinets here.

Keith Barlow

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  1. Jennifer Says:

    Thank you for that information. I think that wooden fire extinguisher cabinets are a valuable product to offer. Certain environments that have a largely wooden decor really benefit from that nice extra touch. Rather than being an eyesore, the cabinet can blend in and enhance the beauty of the environment.

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