Acroprint Model 125 Employee Time Clock Review

Acroprint Model 125 Heavy-Duty Employee Time ClockIt’s time to review everyone’s favorite “classic” time clock. Which time clock is that? I’m talking about the Acroprint Model 125 employee time clock (found here). I have had several opportunities to use this classic and this is my review.

To begin with, both the Acroprint Models 125 and 150 are time-tested classics. Chances are pretty good that you have used one at some point in your life. If you haven’t used one, you may have seen them in the background while watching a movie. Seriously. They are all over the place.

One of the biggest indicators that you are dealing with a Model 125 is the classic green color. It can’t be missed. That and the large analog time face. It almost brings back feelings of nostalgia from back when I used to be a bag boy at the local grocery store.

Upon first handling this time clock, I was surprised how big it was compared to what I imagined (referencing previous pictures). It’s not huge, but it’s definitely a hefty time clock. It only weighs 10 pounds, so don’t get too concerned about it being overly large.

The Model 125 uses the old punch-style time management process, which involves employees inserting a time card and stamping it. While this may not be up to par with modern digital time clocks, it gets the job done.

Acroprint hasn’t forgotten about this model. They have recently unveiled a solar-power version of the Model 125 that allows it to be used on construction sites, all powered by the sun.

One reason people choose the Model 125 is its durability. It is made from solid components and is designed to last for years. While I don’t recommend it, you could probably fling this thing against a wall and it would still work. It is categorized as a heavy-duty time clock.

The Model 125 uses ribbons for stamping text. These ribbons are easy to access and change out and are available in different colors. The printed text is clear and legible.

There are five different print configurations available for the Acroprint Model 125, depending on how you need the time, date and other information arranged. These are available as the Models 125AR3, 125ER3, 125NR4, 125QR4 and 125RR4.

If you don’t need a digital time clock, the Acroprint Model 125 is a great option. It is time tested, has a great track record and is a customer favorite.

You can find the Acroprint Model 125 employee time clock here. You can find our entire selection of employee time clocks and recorders here.

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