German Paper Cutters – Why Are They So Good?

German Paper CuttersWhen it comes to paper cutters, there is one common factor among the top brands. They are almost all German engineered or German made. German paper cutters are considered to be some of the best built and the longest-lasting lines around.

Owning several German cars (VWs), I have a certain appreciation for German engineering. While perhaps not the most popular line of cars here in the U.S., German engines are often considered so tough they can take a bullet and keep running. The same is the case with German paper cutters. They are tough.

The most popular German paper cutting brands I can think of are Dahle paper cutters (guillotines & stack cutters) and MBMs line of Triumph and Kutrimmer paper cutters (by IDEAL). These paper cutters are asked for by name and have gained an impressive reputation in the paper cutting industry and among our customers.

The only cutter I can think of that even compares to the German paper cutters is the British-made Rotatrim. As far as I know, the Rotatrims don’t leak any oil (sorry, a little car humor). Rotatrim is an excellent brand of paper cutter.

If you are looking for German-made paper cutters, these are the brands you’ll want to check out:

Dahle Paper CuttersDahle – Dahle makes a wide variety of guillotine cutters, rotary paper cutters and stack paper cutters. These paper cutters are typically the most affordable of the German-engineered paper cutters. You can find our Dahle paper cutters here.

Kutrimmer Paper Cutters and TrimmersKutrimmer – Kutrimmer (by IDEAL) is a line of guillotine paper cutters distributed by MBM. These guillotine cutters are very popular with our customers and use an arm-activated blade to cut paper, card stock, pictures and more. You can find our Kutrimmer paper cutters here.

Triumph Paper CuttersTriumph – Triumph (by IDEAL) is considered to be one of the heaviest-duty and best lines of stack paper cutters. These cutters come in manual, semi-auto and fully automatic designs. Triumph stack cutters are designed for high-volume paper cutting. You can find our entire selection of Triumph paper cutters here.

So there you have it. The kings of the German paper cutting industry. You can find our entire selection of paper cutters here. Feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 with any questions.

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