How To Use A GBC VeloBind Machine

GBC VeloBind System One Binding MachineGBC Velobind provides one of the most stable and secure binding formats available today. This style of book binding is especially popular with law offices, construction companies and other businesses that require large volumes of paper to be securely bound. Not only is in an effective binding method, it looks great too.

I have had a chance over the years to use several different VeloBind machines. This ranges from the VeloBind System One up to the VeloBind System Three. They are very easy to use. I will demonstrate, in a step-by-step guide, exactly how to use a VeloBind machine.

This guide will be helpful in the case that you have lost your manual or if you are in the beginning steps of looking for a machine. Once you know how to use one GBC VeloBind machine, it is pretty easy to use them all. For this guide, I will be using the GBC VeloBind System Three.

Bind Using GBC VeloBind In 10 Easy Steps

Step 1. To begin with, adjust the margin adjustments to accommodate the paper size you are using. If you are using a VeloBind System Three, familiarize yourself with the electronic punch control panel.

GBC Velobind Step 1

Step 2.
Assemble the book you are bout to bind. This includes the paper content, front cover and a back cover.

GBC VeloBind Step 2

Step 3. Grab the first few sheets you are going to punch. Be sure you don’t exceed your machine’s maximum punching capacity. I personally like to scale the amount back by about 20% to be easier on the machine.

GBC VeloBind Step 3

Step 4. Insert the paper into the machine and either push the button or pull the handle to punch the paper. Repeat this process until all the paper has been punched.

GBC VeloBind Step 4

Step 5. Take your paper and job it together until all the holes line up.

GBC VeloBind Step 5

Step 6. Take your VeloBind strip and place the top portion (with the 11 prongs) through the punched holes.

GBC VeloBind Step 6

Step 7. Now take the back strip and put it on the back of your document, inserting the 11 prongs from the front strip through the back strip.

GBC VeloBind Step 7

Step 8. Take your book, along with the VeloBind strip, and place it on the machine. There is a tiny pin on the machine that will line up with a tiny pinhole on the VeloBind strip. This helps you align the book in the machine.

GBC VeloBind Step 8

Step 9.
Start up the VeloBind machine. This us usually done by bringing down a bar onto the VeloBind strip. Once started, the machine will cut off the excess prongs and seal the front strip to the back strip by using heat. This heat is why VeloBind machines are sometimes called hot knife machines.

GBC VeloBind Step 9

Step 10. Remove the book from the machine. Everything should now be completed. If needed, you can now repeat the process.

GBC VeloBind Step 10

The end results look great. I love the look of VeloBound documents. They are professional, secure and solid.

You can find our entire selection of GBC VeloBind machines here. Feel free to call us at 1-800-658-8788 with any questions.

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