How To Use A Wire Binding Machine

Intelli-Bind Wire Binding MachineWire binding is popular and hot right now. The binding format looks great, is extremely professional and very easy to do. So what should you do if you have lost your manual or don’t know how to use a wire binding machine? No worries. This wire binding guide will have you wire binding in no time. In 9 easy steps I will show you how to take that paper and turn it into a professional book.

While we offer several wire binding video demos, sometimes it’s easier to simply see the process in some basic step-by-step instructions. Once you know how to use one machine, you should be able to use another. Most wire binding machines operate in a very similar way. So you here you go! My official “how to” use a wire binding machine guide.

Bind A Book With Double-Loop Wire In 9 Easy Steps

Step 1. The first thing you’ll want to do is make the fine-tune adjustments to your machine prior to punching the paper. This includes adjustments to the edge guide, margin depth and wire closer. You can see where these are located (on most machines) by viewing this picture.

Wire Binding Machine

Step 2. Grab the paper you want to bind, along with a back and front cover.

Wire Binding Step 2

Step 3. From your assembled stack, take a few sheets for punching. The amount of sheets you can punch at a time will depend entirely on what your binding machine can handle.

Wire Binding Step 3

Step 4. Take your paper, insert it into the binding machine and punch it. Punching is typically done either by pulling a lever or pushing a button, depending on whether or not you have a manual or electric punch. Repeat this process until all the paper has been punched.

Wire Binding Step 4

Step 5. Take your punched paper and jog it until the holes are all lined up. Place the last page of the book (typically the end cover) and place it on top of the stack to be bound. This will help hide the wire binding seam later on.

Wire Binding Step 5

Step 6. Insert the wire binding element through the punched holes. Some wire binding machines have wire holders that make this process easier.

Wire Binding Step 6

Step 7. Take the punched paper, along with the inserted wire binding element, and place the wire into the wire closer. Close the wire shut.

Wire Binding Step 7

Step 8. Remove the book from the machine and inspect the wire. Make sure that it has closed all the way.

Wire Binding Step 8

Step 9.
Take the front page and wrap it around to the back (hiding the seam). You are now ready to bind your next book!

Wire Binding Step 9

So there you have it. It really isn’t that tough. I wire bound a book just a few days ago and it takes just a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the size of the book. Definitely don’t feel intimidated.

If you are in need of a new or replacement machine, you can find our entire selection of wire binding machines here and wire binding supplies here. Happy binding!

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