It Never Hurts To Ask

Roll Laminators from ABC OfficeYou would be surprised how many questions can be answered and how many problems can be solved by simply asking a few questions. While we try to post all the information, specifications and features on our products, sometimes there are things we simply don’t list. Here are a few examples.

We often get asked if a machine comes in a 220-volt configuration. This may be a paper folding machine or a laminator. Often times a manufacturer doesn’t tell us that a machine is available in a different voltage configuration. When we get a call from a customer, we typically check with the factory to see if a different voltage is a possibility. We are often able to get a machine custom-made in a 220-volt design.

Much of our furniture is also available in different configurations. If a podium needs to be a little taller, we can usually get a custom-made table to accommodate the requested height. Does it need casters? No problem. If text needs to be engraved, it is often a possibility.

How about a burster? Does it need an extra slitter? We are often asked if we can add an extra slitter wheel or perforation wheel to our office equipment. This can often be done in the factory.

These are just a couple of examples of custom / special request that we are able to fulfill. If you’re not sure about something, give us a call. Our specialists are well trained, friendly and knowledgeable. You can reach us by calling 1-800-658-8788. You can find our entire selection of office equipment here.


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