Pressure Folder Sealers vs. Paper Folding & Inserting Machines

If you are in need of a machine that can help you mail invoices, receipts, bills and other paperwork, you have a couple of options. One is to use a pressure folder sealer and the other is to use a folding & inserting machine. Both technologies get the job done, but which one should you use? Here are a few pros and cons.

Formax Paper Pressure Folder SealersPressure Folder Sealers – Folder sealers use pressure to fold and seal sheets of paper shut. Special pressure-activated paper has small pockets of glue along perforated edges. When pressure is applied to these pockets, they burst open and seal the sheet of paper shut. This pressure-activated paper can be used in laser printers, inkjet printers and copy machines.

  • Pros – Pressure folder sealers have fewer moving parts when compared to a folding & inserting machine. This ultimately means fewer potential servicing issues later down the road. Pressure sealers are extremely easy to setup and require few modifications to get up and running. Pressure sealers are also typically less expensive than paper folding & inserting machines.
  • Cons – Pressure sealers are usually limited to one sheet of paper. While ideal for invoices, bills and other material, pressure sealers are not the best option for mailing promotional material.

Formax Paper Folding & Inserting Machines / Envelope StuffersFolding & Inserting Machines (aka Automatic Envelope Stuffers) – These machines take paper, fold it, put it in an envelope and seal the envelope shut.

  • Pros – Folding and inserting machines are excellent for mailing out multiple sheets at a time, including return envelopes and inserts. The amount of sheets that can be folded and inserted depends on the machine being used. These machines are excellent for mailing out promotional literature, bills, invoices and other documents.
  • Cons – These machines can only be used with approved envelopes, meaning you need to be sure you are using the right envelopes or you may end up with a big mess. Folder inserters are also a little more complicated to set up, versus a pressure sealer. Once you know what you’re doing, it isn’t bad.

So there you have it. Two solid, tried and tested ways to streamline mailing operations. You can find our entire selection of pressure folder sealers here and our paper folding and inserting machines here. Feel free to contact one of our paper folding specialists by calling 1-800-658-8788. Have a great day!

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