Streamline Your Shrink Wrap Operations With A Gravity Conveyor

Nestaflex Gravity ConveyorShrink wrap machines are amazing things. They can be used to package just about anything, whether it is DVDs, a bar of soap or a basket of fruit. If you are packaging products on a high-volume basis, you may find that you are having trouble packaging and moving products in a streamlined fashion. One great way to speed things up is by using a gravity conveyor.

Gravity conveyors are just like the conveyors you may have seen in factories, but there is no motor involved. Products are carried along the conveyor by means of wheels or rollers. These wheels and rollers spin on silent and smooth bearings, which make it extremely to move boxes along the conveyor line. The type of conveyor you use will depend on the size of package you are dealing with and how long you need the conveyor to be.

Most gravity conveyors have some sort of accordion-like design, making it possible to shrink or stretch the conveyor. They are also typically designed in a way that allows them to bend in an S or snake-like fashion. Sitting on casters, they can typically be moved around to accommodate any situation.

At ABC Office we carry Nestaflex brand gravity conveyors. Our customers that have purchased a gravity conveyor for their shrink wrap system typically put the conveyor at the end of their heat tunnel or machine (if an integrated tunnel is being used). As the package is finished being wrapped, it is either ejected onto the conveyor or manually placed on the conveyor. The next product is easily lined up right behind.

Overall I consider a gravity conveyor to be a great way to streamline high-volume shrink wrapping. The machines are very easy to set up and install.

You can find our entire selection of Nestaflex gravity conveyors here and our entire selection of shrink wrap machines here.

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