ABC-75 Counterfeit Bill Detector & Scanner Review

ABC-75 Counterfeit Bill DetectorWhether you are a school, a small business or a retail store, you probably handle money on a daily basis. Where money is handled, counterfeit money is often involved. Tracking down and preventing counterfeit money can be tough. One great way to combat this problem is to use a counterfeit money detector. One great model that I have personally used and you may want to consider is the ABC-75 counterfeit bill detector (found here). This is my review.

There are a lot of counterfeit bill detectors out there. They range from a simple UV lights to high-end scanners that detect bills in seconds. The ABC-75 falls somewhere in the middle. It has a lot of great counterfeit detection tools built in, but they will all require some manual involvement and interaction.

The ABC-75 uses four different tools to detect counterfeit bills. You don’t have to use them all, since one or two are often enough, but they are all available for your convenience. These detection methods include a UV light, a white light, a magnifying glass and a magnetic ink sensor. Here is what each tool does:

UV Light – The UV light is able to highlight UV strips found in legitimate currency. If these strips do not highlight, the bill could be counterfeit.

White Light – The white light is used to look for watermarks. This usually involves a face that shines through when lit from the back.

Magnifying Glass – The magnifying glass can be used to locate and identify features on bills that are usually difficult to replicate.

Magnetic Ink Sensor – The magnetic ink sensor scans bills for a special magnetic ink used in certain parts of legitimate currencies.

Overall the ABC-75 is very easy to use. It is very light, only weighing in at 3 pounds shipped. This means you can easily pick it up and move it from one area to another. This is especially nice for retail environments. Remember that it does require a 110-120 volt outlet to be used.

You can view a video demo of the ABC-75 counterfeit detector in use by going here.

For the price, and considering how much money it can potentially save you, I consider the ABC-75 to be a great little machine. We have been selling these for years now and they have a great track record with our customers.

You can find the ABC-75 counterfeit bill detector here. You can find our entire selection of counterfeit bill detectors and scanners here.

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