Can You Re-Use Wire Binding Supplies?

The question was recently asked as to whether or not wire binding supplies can be re-used. The customer in question needed to know the answer to this up front prior to making a purchase. This is a great question, especially if you need to add pages, remove pages or recycle bound books. This is the answer I gave.

Unfortunately wire binding is about as unfriendly to being re-used as coil binding. Wire binding elements are literally bent into place during the binding process. While wire can be re-opened (methodically), it ends up in pretty bad shape and cannot be reused.

Wire Binding Supplies

It is possible to remove the wire, making necessary changes to the document, and then re-insert a new wire binding element. While this isn’t re-using a wire binding element, it does allow you a little freedom when it comes to modifying an already bound book.

If you need to use a re-usable binding method, perhaps for temporary binding, the best choice to use is comb. Comb binding elements can be re-used over and over and are very forgiving to when it comes to adding or removing pages.

You can find our entire selection of wire binding machines here and our comb binding machines here.

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