Fellowes P-35C Cross Cut Paper Shredder Review

Fellowes P-35C Personal Cross Cut Paper ShredderAre you in the market for a small, compact paper shredder for use at home? There are a lot of no-name brand shredders floating around out there. One brand that stands above the rest, for home paper shredding, is Fellowes. One great little shredder you may want to consider buying is the Fellowes P-35C cross cut paper shredder (found here). This is my review.

To begin with, Fellowes has established itself as a reliable paper shredder for home and small office use. While there are more robust shredders out there, Fellowes shredders are inexpensive and carry a tough warranty. The Fellowes P-35C personal shredder has a limited 3-year warranty, which is hard to come by in the paper shredder market.

The Fellowes P-35C is a compact little shredder. It measures in at 14″ H x 13″ W x 8″ D and only weighs in at 10 pounds shipped. Don’t let this small size discourage you. To be honest, the P-35C isn’t designed for high-volume shredding. If you only need a shredder for occasional home use, the P-35C easily fits the bill.

Unlike many comparable shredders out there that feature a strip-cut design, the Fellowes P-35C uses a higher security Level 3 cross cut pattern. This is great for most shredding applications. A single sheet of paper is turned into 5/32″ x 1-9/16″ (4mm x 40mm) particles.

The P-35C is not designed for high-volume use. The motor and shredder head are capable of shredding “up to” 5 sheets of paper at a time. Remember that 5 sheets is the maximum amount. Don’t try and press it above that limit or you will run into trouble. I would personally scale that amount back to 3-4 sheets at a time.

Because the Fellowes P-35C is so compact, it can easily sit next to a desk, and in many situations, under a desk. I have even heard of people that have placed this shredder in a pantry for shredding junk mail.

One thing I personally really like about the P-35C is the design. It looks great. I don’t know what it is about black-colored office equipment, but I think it looks slick. The P-35C will easily blend in with your existing office décor.

Overall I have to say that I really like this shredder, but must caution those of you who want to use it for large office or departmental shredding. It is simply not designed to be used all day long. It is best suited for occasional “every-so-often” shredding, ideally in a home or small office environment. It is called a personal shredder for a reason.

You can find the Fellowes P-35C cross cut paper shredder here. You can find our entire selection of paper shredders here.

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