Formax FD 1400 AutoSeal Letter Pressure Sealer Review

Formax FD 1400 AutoSeal Letter Pressure SealerIf you mail out a lot of invoices, bills and other statements, you may want to consider using a pressure sealer. These handy machines are fast, efficient and cost a lot less than a paper folder inserter. One model you may want to thoroughly look at is the Formax FD 1400 AutoSeal pressure sealer (found here). This is my review.

One downside to a paper folder inserter is that they are cost prohibitive for many people, especially people that only need to fold and mail one sheet of paper. When a customer tells me a folder inserter is out of their price range, I often recommend that they consider a pressure sealer. The end results look very similar.

Pressure activated paper doesn’t cost much more than standard copy paper. Simply run the pressure-activated paper through a printer and then run it through the FD 1400 pressure sealer.

Formax FD 1400 AutoSeal Letter Pressure Sealer

The Formax FD 1400 can hold up to 100 sheets of pressure-activated paper at a time. Once activated, and once the folding plates have been set, the machine will pull in the paper. By means of steel rollers, pressure is applied to the pressure-activated paper. This pressure causes tiny pockets of glue to burst, sealing the paper shut.

You have probably received pressure-sealed mail before. It is the mail that has the perforated sides, which once torn off, expose the letter. This type of mail is just as secure, if not more so, than a standard letter and is even more tamper proof.

The Formax FD 1400 is very fast. The motor runs at a speed of 60 forms per minute, which is adequate for most small to medium-volume jobs. It can create Z folds, C folds and single folds and can use pressure-activated paper up to 24# thick. It can use paper up to 8 ½” x 14″ in size. The FD 1400 has a recommended duty cycle of 10,000 pieces per month.

The build quality of the FD 1400 is very nice. I have handled this machine and looks are deceiving. At first I thought it looked like a basic paper folding machine; that was until I moved it. It is a heavy machine. It weighs in at 90 pounds shipped.

If you need to fold invoices, bills, mailers and other single-sheet mail, you should seriously consider using a pressure sealer like the Formax FD 1400. It is a solid piece of machinery and a great alternative to a paper folder inserter.

You can find the Formax FD 1400 AutoSeal pressure sealer here. You can find our entire selection of paper folding pressure sealers here.

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