Intelli-Fold DE-8 Commercial Paper Folding Machine Review

Intelli-Fold DE-8 Commercial Paper Folding MachineI had customer recently ask me, “What is the toughest folding machine you offer?” Well, we offer a lot of good high-quality folding machines. If you’re only talking about friction-feed folding machines, I have to say that the Intelli-Fold DE-8 paper folding machine (found here)(from Intelli-Zone) is one of the best we offer. This is why.

To begin with, the DE-8 has a monthly duty cycle of 240,000 folds. This means you can safely fold 240,000 documents in a month’s period of time without the machine suffering any ill effect. The motor itself runs at an amazing speed of 22,000 pieces per hour. So now I’ve established that this is a pretty tough machine, so what can it do?

The DE-8 is capable of creating a wide variety of common folds. This includes single folds, letter folds, accordion folds and even the cross fold (French fold). Apart from being able to create many of the most common folds, it can also be set up to create custom folds. The folding plates on this machine are very easy to set up and adjust.

While the DE-8 can fold paper up to an amazing 14″ x 21″ in size, I think the really cool feature is that it can fold paper as small as 2″ x 2.7″. This is a huge range of paper, which is uncommon to find in a folding machine. Not only does it handle a huge range of paper sizes, but it can also handle paper thicknesses ranging from a thin 10# up to 110# in thickness. This may be one of the best ranges we offer in a folding machine.

Operating the DE-8 is very simple. Once the folding plates have been adjusted, simply place your paper in the machine, plug in the machine and turn it on. It will immediately start working. An adjustable speed dial makes it easy to speed up or slow down this machine. This is especially nice when folding paper of varying thicknesses.

You’ll notice in the picture that it has a conveyor-style exit tray. This is especially nice if you need to keep your folded documents in an organized group. The conveyor slows the paper down as it shoots out of the machine and keeps paper in alphabetical / numerical order. This is especially nice for businesses that fold bills, invoices and other similar material.

This machine is very heavy duty. The build quality is exceptional. It weighs in at 105 pounds shipped, so that gives you an idea as to how heavy it is.

Overall I am really impressed with this folding machine. It is definitely one of the toughest friction-feed folding machines we offer.

You can find the Intelli-Fold DE-8 paper folding machine here. You can find our entire selection of paper folding machines here.

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