Lassco LJ-6 Multi-Bin Paper Jogger Review

Lassco LJ-6 Multi-Bin Paper JoggerIf you run a printing press or work for a business that handles a lot of paper on a daily basis, you may have the need for a high-capacity paper jogger. One model that has become a hit with our customers is the Lassco LJ-6 multi-bin paper jogger (found here). This is my review.

Lassco-Wizer makes some great products. They range from corner rounders and paper drills to numbering machines and paper joggers. Their line of paper joggers are considered to be some of the best. Lassco paper joggers are used in businesses around the country.

The LJ-6 is a unique type of paper jogger, because it has multiple bins. A total of four bins makes the LJ-6 one of the highest-capacity paper joggers available today. These bins can be used to hold paper, envelopes, checks and other material. Each of the four bins is 4″ wide.

One thing that may not come across in the picture is the build quality. The LJ-6 is made from tough metal components and features an excellent build quality. It weighs in at 30 pounds, which gives you an idea on how hefty it is. Although hefty, it is still light enough to be used on most desks and tables.

By design, and thanks to a great build quality, the LJ-6 can be used all day long without flinching. This means if you deal in heavy-volume printing or paper handling, this jogger can be used without any cooldown period or picky service requirements. Just plug it in and you’re up and running.

Once plugged in, place your paper in each of the bins and flip on the front switch. This switch activates the 1550 rpm motor. In just a few seconds jumbled paper will be squared-up and organized.

In conclusion, I have to say that the Lassco LJ-6 is a great choice for high-volume and high-capacity paper jogging needs. It is very popular with our customers and has an excellent track record.

You can find the Lassco LJ-6 multi-bin paper jogger here. You can find our entire selection of paper joggers here.

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