Restaurant Menu Insert Binding Machines

Wire Binding Machines for Restaurant Menu InsertsI had a customer ask me recently if a wire binding machine could be used to bind restaurant menu inserts. While you can use wire, there are some definite advantages and disadvantages you should be aware of. There are also several other great options for restaurant menu inserts. Here is my advice.

To begin with, wire looks great! Wire bound menu inserts also look great, but there is one downside. Wire bends and after several days or weeks of constant handling, it may get bent out of shape.

For long-term menu insert binding, you may want to consider using a coil binding machine. Coil (aka Spiral) looks great and allows pages to turn a full 360 degrees. This will make menu browsing easy. The only downside of using coil is that the spine will poke out a little, and as an insert, may not allow the main menu to close flat. You can find our coil binding machines here.

Restaurant Menu Insert Booklet MakerAnother great option for menu insert binding is a booklet maker. These machines can take several sheets of paper, fold them and staple them along the spine. This is inexpensive, inconspicuous and allows the insert to lay completely flat. You can find our booklet makers here.

Hopefully this helps you out. If you need to laminate the menu, you can find our laminators and film here. Have a great day!

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