Rotatrim Professional “M” and Mastercut “MC” Rotary Paper Cutter Confusion

Rotatrim Professional "M" Series Rotary Paper CutterI had a customer call me a while back that was confused as to the difference between the Rotatrim Professional and the Rotatrim Mastercut rotary paper cutters. I can understand this. Rotatrim has undergone some unusual name changes over the past few years. Hopefully I can clarify the differences between these cutters in this post.

To begin with, the Rotatrim Professional “M” series of paper cutters is currently Rotatrim’s highest-end paper cutter for precision tabletop cutting of photographs, paper, cardstock and other material. The Professional “M” series used to be called the Mastercut series about 5+ years ago.

This means if you are looking for the OLD Mastercut series cutter, you will now need to look for the Professional “M” series line of Rotatrim cutters. They are literally the exact same paper cutter, but with a different name. I have used the new Professional and the old Mastercut and they feel and work in the exact same way.

The Professional “M” series of rotary cutters from Rotatrim feature two round rails that support a heavy-duty cutting head. These two bars provide exceptional support and accuracy during the cutting process.

Rotatrim Mastercut –> Now Rotatrim Professional “M”
Rotatrim Monorail –> Now Rotatrim Mastercut “MC”

Rotatrim Mastercut "MC" Series Monorail Paper CutterRotatrim, a few years ago, put out the Rotatrim Monorail paper cutter. This cutter featured a single square bar. The square bar provided great support, but not quite as superior as the Professional series.

For one reason or another (perhaps for marketing purposes), Rotatrim decided to resurrect the Mastercut name. The old monorail line is now called the Mastercut “MC” series. It is still common, however, to find this cutter still being called the Monorail online.

Because the Mastercut name is being reused on a lower-end product, many people get frustrated when they discover their Mastercut is not the Mastercut of old.

You can find the current Rotatrim Professional “M” series cutters here and the new Mastercut “MC” series cutters here. You can find our entire selection of rotary paper cutters here.

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