Tamerica (Tahsin) 190PB Comb Binding Machine Review

Tamerica Tahsin 190PB Comb Binding MachineHave you ever used a Tamerica brand book binding machine? Tamerica has developed a great name over the past several years and are now known as one of the leading manufacturers of book binding machines. One of their most popular entry-level machines is the Tamerica 190PB comb binding machine (found here). This is my review.

You may have noticed, by the subject line of my article, that I mention the name Tahsin. Tamerica used to use the name Tahsin on many of their binding machines, laminators and other products. They now use their own name, Tamerica, on these same machines. The machines are the same and the quality hasn’t changed.

The Tamerica 190PB is an entry-level comb binding machine. By entry-level, I mean it is designed for light-volume use. This isn’t to say it is cheap, but it isn’t designed to bind hundreds of books either. It is ideal for use in a school, a small business or even at home.

While it doesn’t feature a lot of bells and whistles, the build quality is excellent. When you pick up the machine, and handle it, you can tell that it is made from quality parts. It weighs in at 12 pounds shipped. This is heavy enough to get the job done, but light enough to move around.

Punching paper is very easy. Simply insert the paper into the horizontal punch (20 total sheets) and pull the handle. While the 190PB claims a 20 sheet punching capacity, I would personally scale that back to 16-18 for regular use. Twenty sheets is the absolute maximum this machine can handle.

The Tamerica 190PB uses a single-handle system for comb binding. This means the same handle that is used for punching the paper is also used to open the comb. The handle is pulled down to punch the paper and pushed forward to open the comb. I personally like this format. Some machines feature two handles, one for punching and one for comb opening.

The 190PB can bind a book up to 2″ thick. Simply break up the book into punchable sheets. Once all the paper has been punched, the comb can be inserted. The entire process is very easy.

The Tamerica (Tahsin) 190PB is best used for binding letter-size (8 ½” x 11″) books. While it can be used to bind smaller books, it doesn’t feature disengageable punching pins. This means you may run the risk of a half-punched hole if binding smaller books.

Overall I like the Tamerica 190PB. It is a great little machine for what it is designed to do. The price is right, and if used correctly, should easily last for several years.

You can find the Tamerica 190PB comb binding machine here. You can find our entire selection of comb binding machines here.

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